Mission Statement

The Mary S. Shook Student Health Services exists to help meet the health needs of the students of Appalachian State University. This care is provided with a secondary intent to allow our students/patients to continue to participate as fully as possible within the classroom. Additionally, the Health Services endeavors to engender good health habits and attitudes that may project themselves into practices that will enhance the future emotional and physical well-being of those we serve.

To accomplish these ends, the goals of the Health Service include:

  1. To provide quality healthcare for the students of ASU that is appropriate, efficient, and accessible;
  2. To promote student and employee satisfaction in the Health Service organization;
  3. To inform students and the ASU community about the Student Health Service, to include availability and definition of services offered;
  4. To provide an environment that teaches the student to become an informed participant in their own healthcare.

The Health Service provides clinical services with supporting clinical laboratory services, x-ray services, injury rehabilitative services, and pharmaceutical services. The Student Health Service utilizes consultants within the immediate area, as well as consultants at large medical centers when appropriate to secure needed services and expertise. The Health Service also serves other components of the University in advising on safety, health and environmental concerns and in the educational efforts, both in and out of the classroom.

The Health Service operates within the framework of Student Affairs and reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs.

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