Travel & Study Abroad Services

Travel Services at the Mary S. Shook Student Health Service provide the students of Appalachian State University with appropriate travel information, immunizations and medications in preparation for international travel.


Contact: Kevin A. Long, RN or (828) 262-3100
Lead International Travel Health Nurse

American Travel Health Nurses Association
ATHNA Fellow - Lifetime Member
Former Member National Board of Directors

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Travel Resources

General Information

Guidance for Travel advice is provided by Travax® which is our primary resource based on WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and US State Department guidance as well as the Australia and Canadian equivalents. Travax® is a detailed educational and regularly updated resource to provide travelers with the latest recommendations regarding possible exposure to illnesses. General traveler’s information will be provided as well for enhanced personal well-being and safety.

Ideally, an appointment should be made a minimum of six weeks prior to your trip for maximum health protection regarding the necessary vaccines and medication.


The Travel Service Nurses are Student Health Service nurses who have expertise in foreign travel.

How it works For Individual 1:1 Appointments:
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For immediate guidance please call (828) 262-6577.



TB Skin Test (TST) is free if you bring the Travel Nurse a postcard from your travels

TB Skin Tests (TST) are administered at Student Health Service as follows:

  • Mondays (to be read on Thursday)
  • Tuesdays (to be read on Friday)
  • Fridays (to be read on Monday)

Altitude Sickness Medication

  • Diamox (Acetazolamide)
    • Twice Daily – Quantity varies based on travel needs

Anti-malarials List

(travel destination may diminish choices) ONE of below may be prescribed:

Plaquenil 200mg / tab (Hydroxychloroquine):

  • 2 tabs taken 7 days before arrival in country
  • 2 tabs taken each week of travel stay
  • 2 tabs taken for 4 weeks after returning

Lariam 250mg / tab (Mefloquine):

  • No longer offered at the Student Health Serivce Pharmacy due to the potential of severe side effects

Malarone (250 mg Atovaquone / 100 mg Proguanil HCL):

  • 1 per day beginning 2 days prior to travel
  • 1 each day of travel stay
  • 1 each day for 7 days after returning

Vibramycin (doxycycline) 100mg / tab:

  • 1 per day beginning 2 days prior to travel
  • 1 each day of travel stay
  • 1 each day for 28 days after returning

Traveler’s Diarrhea Medication List

Imodium -- Quantity varies based on travel needs

Azithromycin 250mg / tab: (Prescription Only) 

Cipro 500mg / tab (Ciprofloxin): (Prescription Only) 

Pepto Bismal Tabs (Bismuth) as a preventative

For more information call Student Health Service at: (828) 262-3100

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