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Authorization to Release Medical Information

Policy for Releasing Medical Information

Medical records are confidential documents and are only released when permitted by law or with proper written authorization of the patient. Upon request, medical records are released in a timely manner to the patient or the patient's representative, unless such a release would endanger the patient's life or cause harm to another person. This includes medical records received from other physicians' offices or health care facilities.

The following supporting directives are followed when releasing medical information:

  1. The patient must have submitted a written request (procedure) or granted written permission before copies of medical information will be released except as required by law. These exceptions include:
    • reporting of certain communicable diseases to the NC Department of Health and Human Services
    • responding to a lawfully issued court order
    • providing immunization records upon written or verbal request to state or local health departments, other colleges or universities, or the patient's attending physician or designee.
  2. Immunization records, Allergy Clinic records, x-ray reports, clinic notes and routine lab reports are not considered matters of medical urgency. Copies of these records will be given either directly to the patient requesting the records or mailed to the provider/person designated in the written request.

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